Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Greenland summary

I'm now back in France after a successful expedition in Greenland. In the company of Guy & Oli Willett and Steph Lightfoot we spent 10 days in the Watkins Mountains in near-perfect weather, having waited 4 days in Iceland for bad weather to clear from the area.
The delay was worth the wait as the storm had deposited a good couple of feet of fresh snow with little or no wind, creating perfect conditions for us on arrival. Although temperatures were cold (down to - 30C ), we enjoyed clear blue skies and very light winds for the whole trip.
The team made the 2nd complete ski descent of Gunnbjorn Fjeld, at 3673m the highest peak in the Arctic and often referred to as the "8th Summit", but the most interesting skiing was to be found in the surrounding peaks, with 8 first descents being made on a mix of faces, ridges and couloirs up to 50ยบ. Day by day accounts with pictures will follow shortly, and keep your eyes out for a Ridestyle Productions film of the trip, out this autumn at a mountain film festival near you.

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