Monday, 28 May 2007

Greenland Part 6

10 May

Up and at'em early again today. Guy & Steph went of to repeat our couloir from yesterday, while Oli & I headed for the far corner of the glacier (2.5 hours skinning later...) to have a look at the south face of the west ridge of Deception Dome.

The face is just beyond the right hand skyline:

A tricky bergschrund led to the slope (45-50˚) which was in good spring condition mostly until 100m from the top where the underlying ice started to appear. After bravely (or foolishly?) trying to press on through common sense prevailed and we teetered about swapping from crampons to skis (always a pleisure on hard 50˚ slopes)

Oli trying to thread the eye of the needle through the ice patches:

Once we got going though the skiing was awesome, continuously steep right back down to the 'schrund:

11 May

Another day another peak...

This time we were headed for Pk 3175 and its unclimbed South Face. A stunning skin up through seracs and crevasses landed us at the bottom of the face. Once through the rock bands in the middle of the face the ice started to appear again (funny that!), forcing us to don skis just short of the summit rocks. Once again the ski down was fantastic, great spring snow, an exposed upper section above the rocks, then great powder back down through the seracs.

Pk 3175 on the left of picture: The south face is just beyond the right hand skyline:

Approaching Pk 3175:

Part way up the south face, below the rock bands:

Guy ripping some curves:

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