Monday, 28 May 2007

Greenland Part 4

8 May

Into the rhythm in the mornings now...wake up at 6.30 am, get the stove on to melt water, and back to bed for 30 mins while it melts/boils. Make a brew, then start melting more snow for breakfast (mmmmm, yummy dehydrated meals....). If we're lucky we'll be out of the tents and on the move just after 8. Temperatures are quite cold at this time, -25C or thereabouts at 7 am, but its the best option timing wise to not end up skinning in the heat of the day, and to be back in camp in time to use the afternoon sun to dry out boots etc.

Today we headed up to ski a line I'd spotted en route to GBF, picking a way through some rather sizable crevasses and squeezing between serac bands. This gave a fantastic descent in perfect powder with pitches up to 45˚.

Guy drops a knee:

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