Sunday, 27 May 2007

Greenland Part 2

May 5

Following our rigorous regime of coffee, cakes and beer in Akureyri, we decided to acclimatise with a blast up Gunnbjorn Fjeld (GBF).

At 3673m GBF is the highest peak North of the Arctic circle, and is often referred to as the '8th summit'. Despite its modest height, its northerly position and the sheer remotness of the location make it a fair challenge. So far GBF had only received 1 complete ski descent at the hands of 2 Norwegian skiers.

GBF from basecamp, massively foreshortened, the summit some 1500m above us:

The skin up to GBF is actually mostly a long boring plod up a low angle glacier, albeit in exceptional surroundings. The last 350m of the SW ridge giving some interest.

Views of the summit ridge:

And finally on the summit in perfect conditions:

to be continued...

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