Friday, 26 September 2014

Superlight crampon *with update 14/10/14*

These crampons look very very interesting from a ski mountaineering point of view, paticularly for those days when you aren't planning anything technical but want a bit of margin, or for booting up couloirs on spring snow or with a bit of underlying ice. Only downside is that currently they are only available from the US and postage costs to Europe through the webshop are extremely high ($95).

Definitely worth considering, particularly if you know anyone flying back from the US this autumn!

*Update 14th Oct 2014*
After contacting Pro Guiding directly they are offering postage to France at a very reasonable $20 - one pair of Tech 250s hopefully winging their way to me very shortly - look out for an 'in the flesh' review soon.


  1. I know someone who might be flying back from the states this autumn if you're interested Simon?
    Hope you're well, Mike

  2. Hi Mike, excellent... will be in touch!