Monday, 31 October 2016

Autumn training

The first snows of autumn have been and (in some places) gone, the clocks have gone back and the car windscreen has needed a scrape in the mornings for the last little while... winter must be on its way!

This autumn has been a hectic mix of rope-related work (my 'other' life) family time and trying to squeeze in winter organisation too! (A constant game of catch-up!).

Last week was a family holiday, but on the flight South from Geneva we were treated to perfect views of the whole chain of the French Alps, from Mt Blanc down to the coast, with a sea of cloud to 3000m perfect for defining the peaks of the Vanoise, Ecrins, Hautes Alpes etc as we flew past:

During our trip I managed to squeeze in a few runs - I am not normally a huge fan (or more precisely my knees aren't) but on occasions the views make it almost pleasurable:

Now back at home I am trying to squeeze in fitness where I can between work, today I finally managed to get up to a trail I had been meaning to ride for years but had not yet got around too (mostly due to a decrepit old mtb with no functioning suspension!). Great singletrack, a golden eagle soaring overhead, stunning views of the Vanoise peaks in their autumn colours and barely a soul about... Well worth the 900m slog up there!

Stay tuned for an update on 2017 dates and availability!