Friday, 13 July 2018

Winter 2019 dates and summer mountain fun

Apologies to all those waiting for dates for winter 2019 off piste coaching and ski touring courses - I have a mountain of back-logged admin which I am slowly grinding through - a combination of family and work commitments has left me even further behind than last year!

Dates are firming up and are online on the website. Details will be added as the details are finalised.
Meanwhile I have been sneaking in the odd day out this summer to keep myself sane. Yesterday i finally got on to a line on the North face of the Aiguille de la Vanoise that I have been wanting to do for years... I haven;t been climbing much this year, so 350m of climbing topped off my a thuggy 6a+ corner crack definitely made the arms feel 'heavy' by the end of it, but a fun route with stunning scenery, close-up bouqetin and marmottes, and a far off gypaete sighting made for a great day - cheers Matt!

North face of the Aiguille de la Vanoise, La Petite Pasquier is a TD route that goes up the big corner plumb centre of the face then trends right to finish in a little breche via a steep corner:

Matt approaching the band of 'velcro' rock at the start of the corner system:

A steep finish with nearly 400m of air under the heels - Matt looking relaxed all the same:

The chap was sat about 10m away while I untangled the ropes on the first abseil - only wandered off afterwards - no wonder they were nearly hunted to extinction!

The classic sharks fin view of the Aiguille: