Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hidden gems

Day 3 & 4 of our week of coaching & adventures in the Maurienne valley, time to unleash some more little known delights on the team...

Yesterday we went up to Bonneval and found good powder aplenty, despite a vicious wind above 2700m:

Today we headed for Aussois, and a trip over the Col des Hauts to Sollieres.
A short skin from the top of the lift system, and a fly past from a Lammergeier (always too quick for the camera!) and we dropped in to this:

With nearly 1700m of vertical descent, in good conditions that means a lot of powder turns!

Lower down we avoided the start of a rubble filled gully with some quality combat skiing:

But eventually dropped back into this:

The exit was actually not as bad as it looked, with smooth snow on the right bank of the gully. A moment of perfect timing saw us walk up to the bus stop as the last bus for 3 hours pulled in, and we went back up into the Aussois lift system for some more turns...

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