Monday, 4 March 2013

Maurienne valley coaching & adventures - suite & fin...

For the last 2 days of Off Piste Coaching & Adventures we went to ValFrejus - the snow was so good on the Thursday we just had to go back on Friday!

With the weather not quite playing ball on Thursday Plan A was shelved, as were plans B through E. Plan F worked though. Plan F involved skiing 500m vertical shots of 35-45 degree powder!

I can live with Plan F...

Skiing the Seuil couloirs also means you can experience a unique lift in the French Alps - the Tele-Cheval:

Sadly on lap 3 the cheval had gone for lunch (his, hopefully, rather than someone elses...)

(You didn't believe me about the Tele-Cheval, did you?!)

A tentative trip up top found winds and poor visibility, so we retreated lower for more coaching & some Bois Brulé variants.

Friday was more of the same - with Foehn clouds still clagging the high summits we started with some technique coaching & tree runs down low, then as the clouds cleared we hit the jackpot, with knee deep powder in the Bagna couloirs - this is such a great area as you can keep going a bit left or a bit right and finding new lines - possibly our best line was far skiers left dropping into the main 'banana couloir' - 45 degrees of perfect powder on a long, consistent pitch.

A great way to wind up the week - many thanks to Mike, Simon, Noel and John for their company through the week!

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