Friday, 22 February 2013


Not much to update on the off piste front this week as I have mostly been on the piste in Courchevel (and next to David Guetta in the VIP area at La Folie Douce this afternoon!). The weather has been cold and sunny all week (very, very cold today!), snow conditions reasonably stable off piste by all accounts, and tracks almost everywhere you look!

Some big lines have been getting ticked off with the Couloir de l'Aiguille Carrée on the Aiguille Verte seeing a rare descent from the Snowhow boys today, the South Face of the Grande Sassiere being ticked last weekend by my mates Chipie and Blair, and Ross striking out on a bold solo mission up the NE slope and down the South Face direct of Les Courtes! Busy times...

Meanwhile I have some big thank yous to throw out -

Dynafit, for very quick replacement of some malfunctioning Radical FTs

Jon Coster at The Piste Office for loads of advice and speedy shipping of some Quiver Killer inserts and plates to adjust the ramp angle of my Dynafits (more on this to come in a post shortly)

Gavin and Tom (and Ewan) at The Boot Lab in Courchevel for Quiver Killer mounting, and careful insertion of rivets to take out the forefoot flex of my TLT5s (and more on this to follow!).

Great customer service all round - thanks everybody!!!

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