Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Roche Nue South East face

Yesterday Will & I went exploring on the South East face of the Roche Nue - a face we had both looked at over the years and spotted a couple of snowy lines. Although obvious (from a certain angle) we had never heard of anyone skiing this face, apart from a claim for the first descent by Remi Lecluse quite a while back.
Due to a very warm day (despite an early start) we weren't able to ski the direct line from the summit, but instead opted for a safer line in the left branch of the upper couloir which still gave 700m of good skiing before hitting the open slopes below.

The face. Our line followed a hidden couloir to reach the ramp line running left low on the face, which links into 2 couloirs heading towards the summit between the rocky buttresses (hidden):

Video to follow...

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