Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Getting fit (part 2)...

Today I was out with Ginny & Polly for a short(ish) tour out the back of Courchevel 1650. Originally I was keen for the East face of the Aiguille du Fruit, but looking across from the Merlet shoulder the big slope was covered in old debris, so plans were switched to the Rampe Nord of the Aiguille du Rateau.

Skinning out towards the Aiguille du Rateau:

Low down on the face, an exercise in kick turns about to commence for the girls..:

Ginny & I on the summit ridge:

Great powder on a firm base all the way down:

The smiles tell the story...:

Heading back to Les Avals:

The only disaster of the day occured on the way out, having primed ourselves for an omelette at the Refuge du Grand Plan we arrived there to find that Lionel had gone down to the valley to resupply... so we had to continue on out on empty stomachs...

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