Sunday, 25 April 2010

Aiguille de la Noire

A quick day hit with Oli...
A combination of a niggly knee & boot problems (me), and coming from 3 weeks at sea level stuck in meetings in the US (Oli) meant we went for a gentle day with not too much up and a mellow ski down.

La Maitresse des Lieux:

Chaos & mayhem on the arete (as usual):

You see it all up here...3 "snow-bikers" being roped down the arete by their guide, shortly before one of them tried to knock me over the edge by turning round to speak to his mate...:

No snow in the Poubelle couloir:

Access climb to the Noire shoulder (above Oli's head):

Oli on the ridge:

A short ski in good powder and then a short (but exposed) climb to get to the main pitch:

Nice chalky snow all the way:

Looking back up the face:

A few big holes on the Periades Glacier:

The bottom of the Mer de Glace was the usual circus (incidentally complete with skiing dwarf..).

Big word of thanks to Damien at Sanglard for finally nailing the boot problem (and at short notice too). Merci Damien!!

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