Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lofoten adventures - Fishy Tales part 4 - Justadtinden

Last day's skiing for the guys today, and fortunately the weather gods were merciful and gave us the best day of the week to finish up!

Kangerurtinden and Justadtinden were the targets today, however blocky snow on kick turn corners and a reasonably easy snowpit failure meant we turned away from a very tasty looking Kangerurtinden NW face - lots of snow up above, convex and 40ยบ - not the best combination with an unstable snowpack...
Justadtinden was a more than acceptable alternative though, with amazing views on the way up and great powder on the way down - perfect ski touring!

The view from the summit is probably up in the top 3 views I have seen on skis... one picture can't begin to do it justice!:

Nick on the summit slopes of Justadtinden:



A fantastic way to end a great week!
Thanks to Nick, Ian, Mike and Mark for making the best of the bad days as well as the good days and accepting some tough calls on conditions. Thanks also to Jonas, Johanna and Sjur for some top local info, and to Matteo and Joaquin for feeding us exceedingly well!

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