Sunday, 21 April 2013

Lofoten adventures - Fishy Tales part 2

More from our fantastic week ski touring in the Lofoten islands:

Our little house on stilts:

Lofoten Adventures day 3 - a windy day on Kvittinden:

Ian had a slight incident involving a DPS carbon ski and gale force winds. Fortunately my eagle eyes tracked it down...:

Talking of eagles this corner of the island was full of sea eagles - we saw up to 8 at once, some doing their spectacular tumbling courtship flights:

With a careful slide across the snow-covered road we skied all the way to the sea:

Mike & Ian going in switch:

Nice views in Henningsvaer:

Cod-flavoured washing anyone?:

Day 4 - chasing blue holes on Torskmannen:

Nick the birthday boy getting first tracks:

And skiing thigh deep powder in the trees:

Part 3 in preparation - stay tuned...!

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