Tuesday, 21 February 2012

An early morning speed hit.

After Sunday's trip through the clouds I was motivated to get back out in the good weather this week and ski one of the other couloir lines in the same area. With a 10a.m. babysitting call a short day was in order - Will had been out on Monday skiing the 'twin sister' of Sunday's line - perfect! An early start was needed so at 7.30 I was leaving the car in Pralognan at the start of the skin up to the summit 'du jour'.

A sweaty hour & a quarter later I was 750m up enjoying the views:

Great snow on the access slope compared to Sunday's crust!:

A bit of bushwhacking required on the abseil in:

First turns - Will's tracks from yesterday still visible though after 2 turns these quickly filled in with sluff:

Great scenery:

Mmmmmm, yes please:

Rogues gallery:

Plenty more still to come - still great powder:

Looking up from the final apron - still good powder to be found by sticking to the shadier aspects all the way back to the car :-)

By 9.15 I was back at the car - not bad for a 750 D+/- session with an abseil involved... coffee & baby-bouncing on the programme for the rest of the day!

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