Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cloud avoidance

Finally a day off after a long stint of work.
3 Valleys definitely got busy on Saturday afternoon - several sets of skin-tight jeans were spotted along with the obligatory Wedze skiblades and of course some classic 1980s skis and a pair of Salomon SX81s - must be Paris holiday week!

Will & Erica were keen to tour, but with a deteriorating forecast we needed a low-vis option - Pralognan has some nice, rarely skied couloirs low down under the tree line, so a couple of hours mellow skinning up to the Col de Napremont saw us primed for action just as the visibility went...

Will turns on the radar to find the entrance:


View from the rap point:

Worth the effort - despite the poor vis the snow in the couloir was great!:

Visibility is a vastly over-rated thing...

Surprisingly good powder low down in the trees:

And finally the end... 500m+ of great snow all the way to the road, with the added bonus of sliding right back to the car on the snowed-up roads!

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