Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bonus trash

Today turned out much better than expected - had a mid-morning appointment with Jules in Sanglard (boot-fitter extraordinaire) to sort out some boots, and had thrown the rest of my ski kit in the car on the off-chance the morning clag/clouds cleared. A lunchtime coffee with Ross saw us eventually heading up to the Grands Montets for a look at 2pm. A couple of runs off Bochard in variable vis but with great powder were followed by a lavancher in good vis with still plenty of untracked. With the cloud clearing we snuck onto the last Bochard and headed over to the Poubelle which was super-well filled in at the top... 10m or so of side-stepping and you're in:

We had been gazumped by 3 people, but despite the couloir being quite narrow there was still knee+ deep pow to be had on every turn.

Ross getting in about it:

Mel's turn:

Below the Poubelle the snow was almost too deep!

The scenery is alright down here...

Bit of billy-goating in the RH exit couloir but no rap needed (yet)

2 happy campers!

Not too bad for a day when I wasn't expecting to ski at all - nice bonus for the day!

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