Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day exploration

With an unexpected (and very welcome) morning off, a quick call to Will set up the fun & games for the day. We had both looked at some local lines over the years which are only skiable round about the winter solstice when the sun doesn't get onto them much, but need a good heavy early snowfall to make viable. Current conditions pretty much ticked the boxes and we managed a couple of laps round despite some heavy trail-breaking on the skin out to get back around to the lift system.

Still good powder on the shadier aspects, even at lower elevations:

Time for some fun:

Good line - can't count how many times I have looked up at this, nice to ski it in good conditions!

Hmm, nice tracks!

There's quite a bit of snow about:

Hmm, maybe next time...:

Round 2:

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  1. Some great shots and some nice fresh tracks! Conditions are fabulous!