Thursday, 17 December 2009

Powder radar in full effect...

First days work in the 3 Valleys today, and despite the doom and gloom reports that have been coming out there was still some soft snow to be found.
Off-piste is definitely thin though, and extreme care needs to be taken as the rocks aren't far from the surface - my colleague Rob found one today and ended up with a broken femur! (Ouch!) Get well soon Rob.

Temperatures were down to around -20 again today, really cold in the shade, with surface hoar starting to form a fair layer in places.

I was skiing with Guy for the first time today, and he did a great job negotiating some of the tighter rocky sections to hit the good snow. On the whole east facing slopes around 2400 - 2800m are holding soft snow with a very thin crust on top - eminently skiable once you get the feel for it. North facing slopes were more crusted though so pick your aspects wisely.

Forecasts are for some more snow this weekend which would be most welcome!

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