Wednesday, 2 December 2009

First ski, first powder!

Went for a skin up the pistes in Courchevel today with Greg to have a close up look at how much snow there really is (or isn't)...
Clear & crisp this morning, with snowcannons going 10 to the dozen.
There's a fair bit of snow at the Croisette, but if you get away from the prepared (and artificially boosted)areas there are plenty of signs of the ground underneath!

Bottom of Biollay:

(Not looking too bad, but 100m further up there is a stream cutting most of the way across the Verdons piste!)

The new funpark, shame they have put it here - not only will it mean no more easy rollers (great with kids) without getting squahed by a backwards-riding freestyler, but they have also eaten into most of the 'skiers right' section of the Verdons piste proper, meaning this busy motorway will get even busier as skiers are forced through a narrower gap...:

Looking up from the bottom of the cable car:

Sous le Telepherique (wouyldn't fancy it even on rock skis just now...):

With the 'Powder-radar' now switched on for the winter we cut across to the Combe des Pylones, which had only 1 set of tracks down it, and were rewarded with knee-deep powder on a variable base (eh, Greg?).

A great way to start the season, though my legs were definitely feeling the effects of a lazy autumn...!

1 comment:

  1. Goregous! Looks like it's getting there ....
    Can't wait for the first family trip of the season. Likely not till almost xmas though :(
Some friends recently gave us a can of Batter Blaster organic pancake mix, after taking some on a camping trip. Seems like it would also be prefect to pack on the ski trip! Nice way to start the day, hot breakfast with all the family together!

    Now let’s all pray for SNOW!!