Thursday, 3 January 2019

3 Valleys Off Piste - Xmas & New Year conditions 2018/19

And so the counter clicks over to 2019...

Despite reasonable (albeit thin) early season conditions 3 days of rain to 2500m in the run-up to Christmas put paid to the quality of snow off piste in many areas.

Dec 20 - great powder in Courchevel for Emma, Paul, Alice, James, Freddie & Claire:

Following the rain the only solution for a while was to go high, where there was good chalky snow to be found - now we seem to be settled into an ever-lasting high pressure system, with blue skies and no sign of snow, but there is skiable snow to be found if you go looking (and put in a bit of effort) and even lower down now the rained-on snow has been through as few freeze-thaw cycles there is some fun skiing to be had.

Despite the dry start to the winter it is good to remember that 3 (or 4) years ago we had a similar start and yet the month of March of that year I racked up the best succession of deep powder days I can remember for a long long time!

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