Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Courchevel Powder

Winter 2015/16 is most definitely 'happening'!

After a timely cancellation on agreement of both parties on Monday due to pouring rain to about 2000m the 0ยบ isotherm dropped and we have been treated to 2 spectacular days of powder skiing in Courchevel 1650. With a high avalanche risk steep slopes were definitely to be avoided, but when it is this good on piste, who needs to go further afield?:

Having skied in 1650 as a kid in the early 80s, and been nased there for most of the early 00s, I was rmeinded just how good it is on a powder day, when the majority of people head off towards the main part of Courchevel & the 3 Valleys, leaving acres of fun terrain just waiting for tracks!

Yesterday we had a slightly mellower day, but were still putting down fresh tracks at 4pm!

On an equipment note, having now spent a good few days skiing the Salomon MTN LAB boots with bigger skis in deeper snow I can still say that they are absolutely ticking all the boxes for me! Look out for some second hand Dynafit Mercurys coming onto the market soon!

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