Friday, 11 December 2015

3 Valleys snow report 11 Dec 2015

One word summary: bony!

Compared to last year there is a bit more snow down low, but less up high - compare and contrast these 2 photos of the St Peres couloirs - first last year on 6 Dec:

And today:

Good to see where the 'schrunds are on the Peclet West face:

The rot spreads a bit further - there is now a blue piste down into the Bouchet valley from the top of the Thorens lift, so was once a brilliant quiet valley easily accessed from Orelle, or from Val Thorens with a minimum of effort has now the double-despoliation of the zip-wire over the top and a piste down it... oh well that's progress I suppose!

Back to the snow report, there are quite a few tracks in various bits of offpiste, but there are very few places which currently seem justifiable considering the risk of knackering ski or body on the rocks... though some friends skied the Lac du Lou itinerary the other day and reported a reasonable fill, though with an exit to the skier's left of the lake. Fingers crossed for some snow!

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