Thursday, 1 May 2014

Lofoten summary - part 6

It was always going to be hard to match the previous few days of skiing, and with a lsightly dodgy weather forecast (and a lot of car-time the previous day) I decided to stay close to Henningsvaer on day 8 and go exploring. Previously I had spotted some interesting bowls and short gullies tucked away on the backside of a ridge of peaks which don't feature in any of the guidebooks - perfect for a day's exploring.

As it turned out we found some nice sections of creamy snow and some fun steeper gully skiing - not a bad way to spend a mostly grey and gloomy day!

The last day with my clients on Lofoten was a classic Lofoten day - marginal weather forecast, warm temperatures overnight meaning no refreeze, high winds, and yet:

Wild & windy on the way up to Stauren - we paid a quick visit to 'Kristin's gully' en route - :

Not expecting too much, but with a bit of sniffing about, the 'Powderfinder General' came up with this:

Look closely and you will see a pair of sea eagles soaring above us - a perfect ending to a great 9 days with the team!:

Finally in the evening we were all treated to some Torrfisk (dried cod) prepared "au marteau" Norwegian-style:

Oh, and I forgot to mention these in previous posts...

Photo ©Nick Mason/Summit Photogrpahs


More pics still to come from a few days with Team Willett + Jon - stay tuned!

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