Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Moyenne Face Nord - Bellecote

Today I had a quick day hit in Champagny with Nick. With a fresh snow on the ground and blue skies forecast it was always likely we would have a good day... and after some morning hiccups of various sorts that is how it turned out. We didn't get to the top of Traversee until about 1145, and seeing as all the tracks were heading to Cairn and Canadien couloirs I set about trenching a way up the waist deep snow to the ridge.

20 mins of hard graft gave us the reward of putting 1000m of fresh tracks down the Moyenne Face Nord - perfect!

One note of caution: the top layer of snow was very sluffy today and needed careful management, similarly there were a few patches of slabbier top layer in places. The brain definitely needs to stay switched on in here at the moment.

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