Wednesday, 12 February 2014

La Grave & Alpe D'Huez part 2...

A few more pictures from last week. We had mixed weather but great snow (the two do seem to go hand in hand funnily enough :-) ) and Sarah, Pete and Chas all made great progress, ticking off all 3 of the Lake couloirs at La Grave and skiing some particularly deep and very light powder on Thursday!

Sarah and Pete below the Breche Pacave:

A classic view:

Sarah in Couloir Patou:

Pete in Patou:

Sarah, Pete and Chas in the Vallons de la Meije:

Soft even though tracked on Cotes des Rivets at Alpe D'Huez:

Chas enjoying a big powder day at La Grave:

La Reine Meije:

Powder Pete:

Chas again:

Chas does the Banane:

Pete styling it up in Couloir Banane:

Great to be skiing down in the Isère again!

Conditions in general are very good, though care still needs to be taken with the snowpack... All the 'small' classics in La Grave are in good condition (Triffides, Couloirs du Lac etc) - the road runs definitely are very thin and boney lower down, probably best not to take your favourite skis in!

Alpe D'Huez also is in good condition, with lots of snow on Cotes de Rivets, Combe du Loup and Grand Sablat. Lower down is thinner (Combe du Bras etc) and around the Dome des Petites Rousses looked very wind-stripped, though we did not go in for a close investigation.

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