Thursday, 12 December 2013

Conditions update 12 Dec 2013

A quick update on conditions as of 12 Dec 2013:

In a word: thin.

With no snowfall for a good while now, and nothing forecast, not to mention mild temperatures, it is fair to say that conditions are currently a little thin. I had a slide around up in Courchevel today, and while the pistes were firm and grippy (and good fun on GS skis) this will soon become very hard packed once more people start arriving... Off piste didn't look particularly appealing, certainly if you want to keep your skis or body in good condition. Still, its very early days yet and at least there is some base down compared to the disastrous season starts of the late 00's.
The scenery is OK too:

For anyone heading out to the 3 Valleys currently only the 1850 sector is open, along with links over to Meribel, though some further lifts may open this coming weekend depending on the state of the pistes.

Big news in the Courchevel diary is the Ski Alpinism (sorry, I can't bring myself to use the 'SkiMo' term - far too trendy and reminds me of dodgy moustaches grown for charity) World Cup being held in Courchevel on the 25/26 January 2014 - hopefully I can free up some time to go and cheer on any UK lycra louts who may be partaking of the suffering...

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