Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Its all been a bit hectic here at offpisteskiing HQ, with the arrival of Junior number 2 eating up pretty much any spare time (and all the non-spare time too).

Despite this winter 2014 is shaping up to be very busy again, with requests flying in thick and fast. For a look at what is on offer check the courses page on our main website. I am very excited to be heading back to the Lofoten islands in Arctic Norway again - for a taste of the magic have a look at Nick Mason's fantastic photo album here. Don't forget to check out more of his work at www.summitphotographs.com.

Here is a taster:

Meanwhile the usual spate of pre-season videos have started rolling in - stay tuned for our favourites...

On a different note I would strongly suggest a read of this article in Powder Magazine. It is very US-centric but raises some important points, I agree with a lot of what Mike Douglas says in this, particularly with respect to no-one giving the mountain any time to settle after a storm. Food for thought for the coming winter?

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