Sunday, 25 March 2012

Kyrgyzstan part 3

Day 4 - Sunshine, Powder

Yesterday's summit:

Todays goal:

Great snow:

But care needed - up high NE slopes had all released spontaneously along with som cross-loaded NW aspects, but care was needed everywhere in the trees!

2 x 30-40 cm layers releasing...

But great skiing to be had with careful slope selection:




On day 5 we went questing into the trees to try and find a low route into the next valley East - loads of potential here, but the higher routes in all involved skiing dodgy potentially loaded slopes. Unfortunately after some hardcore tree-bashing we had t admit defeat, and nipped back up for a lap on the West face from the 'Lunch Spot' at 3200m on the main ridge. 500m of nice (if heavy) powder, then homeward-bound for the yurt..

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