Sunday, 7 August 2011

Getting fit

After 3 months of work, moving house etc and not much time to get out in the mountains I decided enough was enough yesterday and went for a run to kick myself back in to action.
Creve Tete is a hill I have looked at almost every day for the past 5 years (you see it as you drive out of Bozel) but never been up, and there is a convenient loop you can do with bang on 1000m of ascent up a steady but steep path followed by a nice ridge run and a longer but gentler descent back to the car.

Good views of the Nielard:

And up the Belleville valley to Val T:

Looking across to the Cheval Noir - we skied this on last winter's Steep Vanoise week:

Atmospheric clouds on the ridge:

Managed to nail the climb in 1 hour & 20, not quite up to Killian Jornet speeds, but I was quite happy considering how little activity I have managed this summer...

A scenic run along the ridge, Morel valley on the left, and the Tarentaise & Vanoise on the right:

Off to Holland this afternoon to run some IRATA training for Orange Access. Looking forward to working with my Swiss colleague Gilles again. For more information on rope access check out the IRATA website.

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