Sunday, 24 April 2011

Haute Tarentaise tour + conditions

Currently on an enforced layoff from skiing in sunny Tuscany on family-in-law duties, but thought I would post some photos from late last week to show conditions in the Haute Tarentaise - still loads of snow to play on in the Haute Tarentaise/Haute Maurienne/Gran Paradiso area for ski tourers who haven't yet had their fill.

There are also good first-hand reports coming in from the Bernese Oberland area as well as the vicinity of the Grand Combin - the touring season isn't over yet despite the dry winter!!

Ginny skinning round to the Col de L'Ouille Noire:

Nice spring snow on the East facing slopes behind:

A short sin & bootpack took us over the Col du Montet and onto the slopes below the Gros Caval:

Nice dusting of soft snow on a firm base for the first few hundred metres vertical:

Then onto good spring snow:

Great skiing all the way down to the Prariond hut:

Best to take a pair of trainers to enjoy the walk out through the Gorges de Malpasset along the summer path...:

...and not take the 'skiing out through the Gorges' option!:

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