Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Greenland new routes

Just back from a short work stint in Baffin Bay...
On the way up fog offshore kept us in Aasiaat, Greenland for 3 days and although we couldn't venture too far from the airport I still managed to sniff out a small crag up in the hills behind...

(Apologies for poor quality of the snaps - only had my mobile phone unfortunately)

The Dash 7 - Greenland's commuter bus:

The Western boundary of the ice cap

The fine catering facilities at Aasiaat airport:

Lots to do round here then! (Aasiaat, pop 2000):

Aasiaat from the water:

Midnight at 70º, aboard the Troms Vision:

Something missing here (apart from the snow..):

Ah, here they are:

The new (micro-)crag, 5 minutes walk behind Aasiaat International Airport.
2 new lines at a whopping V.Diff max... Mosquitoes with size 10 boots the biggest objective danger..:

Aasiaat airport - complete with iceberg:

Local supermarket, food, hardware, guns, the works:

Downtown Aasiaat:

Harpoon gun - no longer in use unless the whales come in to the harbour!:

And finally, our trusty steed comes to take us to work:

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