Saturday, 13 March 2010

Day off

Day off today, but with perfect spring snow conditions it was too good a day to waste and a mid-morning start from Mottaret and 30 minutes skiing took me to the top of the Mont de Peclet. The 'Sablier' on the South face is a run I have wanted to ski for a while, but getting it in the right condition - spring snow but not too warm + no debris from previous days - is not easy. Yesterday we had passed close to the face and it looked to be in perfect condition and so it turned out - a tricky & exposed sidestep/slip to get in off the summit at the very top of the slope gave way to 400m of perfect spring snow at a reasonably friendly angle...still, with cliffs underneath falling is not really a good option!

Le Sablier from below, 400m of foreshortened vertical fun! :

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