Saturday, 13 February 2010

Road trip

With a few days off booked in for the mid-season I headed South this week for a couple of days ice climbing and skiing in the Hautes Alpes. A warm welcome st Stew & Sam's, along with plenty of laughs provided by the touring IRATA ice-climbing dream team made for a great couple of days. On Wednesday a small team headed out to an 'unnamed' resort for some powder hunting...

Stew hiking to the summit:

Sammy, Leila & John:

10 minutes from the lift, 1000m of perfect powder, and only a handful of tracks (mostly Stew, Kenny & John from the day before!):

Stew wielding his big lens:

Kenny & John scoping lines:


More powder:

A pleasant slide out through the trees:

Stew & Sam's house is perfectly placed so you can slide right to the back door for a cup of tea & some cake...before heading off for another lap...:

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