Friday, 1 May 2009

Couloir des Italiens - Grande Casse

More info to follow, but here are the pictures from todays epic swim up the Couloir des Italiens on the Grande Casse in the company of Will..

Sunrise on Glaciers de la Vanoise:

Col de la Grande Casse:

La face du jour:

2 skiers on Petite Face Nord

Will following my 'swimming trench':

And showing his own trenching style - 50+ degrees of powder:

The big seracs up close:

Choice: Head to top & finish up knackered, or make the best of the awesome snow we've just swum up...:

First turn anyone? - The 'flat' area in the sunlight is still 45 degrees...:

Will in action:

And again:

More Will:

Hmm, nice tracks...

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