Thursday, 16 April 2009


Well its been an interesting week chasing conditions in the 3 Valleys...

Monday we found good spring snow on the south side of the Col de la Montee du Fond, and nice chalky soft snow off the Col chair, and down the North face of the Bouchet shoulder in Orelle.

Trevor sliding into the Montee du Fond descent:

Picnic time looking back up at the Bouchet shoulder:

Tuesday & Wednesday even up high the snow had gone heavy, so we searched out the spring snow, with some nice turns (& a fine omelette) in Les Avals on Wednesday..

Today we went out into the wild weather, and after a morning surviving the 'full' conditions opted for an early lunch. On leaving the restaurant we were greeted by a hole in the clouds, and headed up the Caron, where it turned out that nobody had yet ventured down the Lac du Lou itinerary - so we figured we'd probably best put some nice tracks in there...:

Hopefully a birthday present for Trevor to remember!!

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