Thursday, 26 February 2009

Steep Vanoise Day 3

Bit behind on this weeks here is Wednesday's...

Jackpot on the North Face of the Foglietta, with perfect powder, and lots of space for fresh tracks!!!

Stunning views of the Mt Pourri and Aiguille Rouge on the way up:

A happy team on the summit of the Foglietta... Steve, Mike & Ian:

Steve high on the face:

Mike 'making 8s':

Ian putting his Pro Riders to good use:

A few more fresh turns anyone?:

Fun & games in the lower couloirs:

Looking back up at the lower part of the descent:

The 'icy path of death' (not so icy today!):

A happy-looking Mike in the village of Le Crot:

Through the houses:

A quick lunch, short bus ride, and a tussle with the halfterm crowds and we were back up the top. This time we opted for a mellow trip down the South side of the mountain, with nice snow taking us down to the picturesque village of Le Monal, from where a bit of skating got us back around to St Foy, and a welcome beer to celebrate a great day!!

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