Friday, 16 January 2009

Col du Bonmartin

With a last minute cancellation today due to half the clients being taken out by a gastro bug I hooked up with Will & Sylvain who were heading for a descent into the Maurienne valley.

Sliding across to the Col du Bonmartin:

Do you think it goes down here? Peering over the edge - Maurienne valley 2000m below...:

Looking in from just below the top...not too steep, grippy snow...not bad...:

300m later - Sylvain in the lower part of the couloir:

Looking back up at the couloir (over on the right...):

Lower down, the tree-lined slopes gave 450m vertical of great powder, with sluff management needed and a few tree-holes to avoid - great skiing!!

Hmm, must have been good judging by the smiles:

A slide down the forest road, and a bit of garden-hopping got us back to Le Col and a welcome beer at the Auberge, before a taxi back to Orelle and a (succesful) race back over the 3 Valleys to finish with the long ski home to Bozel... Not bad for a last-minute day out...

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