Friday, 5 December 2008

La Daille icefall

Yesterday I went out for a play on the ice with Roy on a slightly thin La Daille icefall. Somehow I contrived to leave the small bag with my harness & various jangly bits in at home, but cobbled together a harness out of a sling and we went for it with 1 belay plate, 4 screws and a 5 quickdraws between us...

Roy on the first pitch:

The icefall is beginning to form quite nicely but the ice was still thin in places, but very friendly to climb..
With a makeshift harness I decided that a leader fall was even less of an option than normal on ice, so had to let Roy take the lead for the second pitch as well - with 5om of double rope I think my 'harness' would have ended up round my ankles...
Roy on easy ground on pitch 2:

A quick abseil descent saw us heading back to Bourg for an athletes lunch at the mighty Golden Arches - food of champions (not!).
Back in Bozel it started absolutely dumping with snow in the evening as I was heading off for a climbing wall session, so the good start to the winter continues:

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